*Radio Amateur du Québec Inc (RAQI) – Election of directors*

Nominations closed on March 1. Three divisions are open for election
this years; Division II (Quebec) is represented by Guy Richard,
VE2XTD, who has been re-elected by acclamation, Division IV (South
West) is represented by Luc Leblanc, VE2DWE, where Normand Pitre,
VE2NHK has been elected by acclamation, Division VI (Centre of Quebec)
which is represented by Daniel Beaudoin, VE2VHF, in which Pierre
Martel, VE2PF has been elected by acclamation. RAQI welcomes the new
directors and wishes them good luck in their new mandate.



After five and a half years, I have decided to hang it up as editor of
the Radio Amateurs of Canada electronic bulletin service and web news
editor. This decision was not taken overnight but but has been in the
works since late September. I would like to thank the following people
(in no particular order), Serge Langlois (VE2AWR), Claude Lalande
(VE2LCF), James R. Hay (VE2VE), Bob Sharpe, (VA3QV), Neil Herber
(VE3PUE) and the many regular contributors. I would also like to thank
Dave Goodwin, (VE9CB/VE3AAQ) for creating this position at the time
when the bulletin service was done on an ad-hoc basis by volunteers at HQ.

Any further notices to the bulletin service should be sent to
<hq.communications@rac.ca> for the immediate future until
<racnews@rac.ca>, <webnews@rac.ca> and <nouvelles@rac.ca> gets
properly re-routed, which should happen in the next few days.

Many thanks to those who supported the bulletin service over all these

Good-bye and 73,

Vernon Erle Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ
blog.ikeda.ca – vern@ikeda.ca

Sunday March 23 rd 2014 Special Event Station K5B. -UPDATED.

I was able to make contact with this station. This is a yearly event that is supported by the US Army and others.  I had a nice QSO with their operator.  Something to keep in mind for next year.


This coming Sunday March 23rd 2014 the Mesilla Valley Radio Club will host a special event station remembering the Bataan Death March.  The event is held as part of  a remembrance march sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. This will be the 25th year for this event.  For all the information go to