*IARU President and RAC member appointed Queen Counsel.

The province of Alberta announced on December 31th, that Mr. Timothy
S. Ellam, VE6SH was one of the lawyers appointed to the province’s
Queen Council status. Mr. Ellam is the current IARU President and has
been a member of Radio Amateurs Canada for several years.

RAC President Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW on behalf of all members and
amateurs in Canada, extends his sincere congratulations to Tim Ellam
for this prestigious appointment.

The official Alberta Government announcement can be found here:


Vincent Charron, VA3GX/VE2HHH
Director of Communications and Fundraising – Radio Amateurs of Canada
– communications@rac.ca


The winter weather in North America has been the topic of much conversation of late. If all this weather isn’t enough to make you work on you and the families emergency preparedness plans perhaps it would be helpful to read the article noted below. The reality is we need to be prepared. ARES units need to be ready to respond. If you are an ARES member you need to ensure your family is properly looked after before you respond. Planning will assist you with the ability to respond promptly.