Italian Radio Amateurs involved in flood response

Following flash flooding in the Liguria and Tuscany regions of North West Italy last week which killed 10 people, further heavy rain has struck the region killing more people in flooding.

The Amateur Radio Voluntary communications group RNRE has been asked by their government to provide additional radio communications in the affected areas from Friday 4th November until at least Monday 7th November.

HF Frequencies which may be used in Italy are 3.643, 3.760MHz and 7.045-7.060MHz. Amateurs are asked to listen carefully before using these frequencies to avoid causing QRM to emergency nets.

IARU Region 1

Article originally posted on Southgate Amateur Radio News

Earthquake Notice

-=Notice Only=-

To: U.S. West Coast, Alaska, and British Columbia coastal regions
From: NOAA/NWS/West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Subject: Tsunami Information Statement issued 11/6/2011 at 1:44AM AKST

At 1:41 AM Alaskan Standard Time on November 6, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 5.1 occurred 75 miles/121 Km south of Cold Bay, Alaska .

The magnitude is such that a tsunami WILL NOT be generated. This will be the only WCATWC message issued for this event.

The location and magnitude are based on preliminary information. Further information will be issued by the United States Geological Survey or the appropriate regional seismic network.

-=Notice Only=-

GlobalSET November 2011

GlobalSET November 2011

HQ- Stations of all IARU R2 Member Societies and stations of Emergency Communications Groups are invited by IARU R1 to participate in the next Global Simulated Emergency Test. It is scheduled on Saturday, November 12th, 2011, from 11:00 to 15:00 Local Time.

YV5RNE will be HQ-Region 2 Station on the IARU R2 CoA’s frequencies.

Please follow the link:

Cesar Pio Santos, HR2P
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Great BC ShakeOut Emergency Net

At 10:30 on October 20th, 2011 CECA will activate an emergency net on 146.64 MHz.

The purpose of the net is to pass NTS traffic. Paul, VA7MPG, will be net control.
Please remember all traffic must contain the word EXERCISE three times. One with the message number, at the start of the message text, and at the end of the message text.

All none CECA members are encouraged to check into this net.

for more information please email

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Wildfires…… Oh My!

British Columbia is an amazing province.  The natural beauty, fantastic cities, and friendly people make BC one of the best places to visit and live.   British Columbia has a few natural hazards that everyone must be aware of, and prepared for.

Listed below are information resources for the three major natural occurrences that can affect a large number of British Columbians.

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