Do you need help putting a grab and go kit together? Emergency Management British Columbia has some information that will help.  Keep in mind to be effective your kit needs to contain personal information so you will need to protect it.  For suggestions go to


Tsuanmi Alerts

Do you know the difference between a Tsunami Warning, a Tsunai Watch and a Tsunami Advisory? There are critical differences between these levels of warnings.  The response level varies for each category. To learn the definitions of each go to


Police May Now issue Tickets for some offences under the Radiocommunications Regulations.

Below is the RAC Bulletin on the changes to the Contraventions Act.  It may be a good idea to carry a copy  of your amateur certificate of proficiency  with you. Remember in BC if you have ham plates on a motor vehicle you must be a licenced ham and you may need to prove it. Check your vehicle registration for the requirements


RAC Bulletin 2012-072E – Regulations Amending the Contraventions Regulations

There has been an announcement in the Canada Gazette as to changes in the Contraventions regulations concerning the enforcement of the Radiocommunication Regulations.

These changes will allow peace officers including Municipal, Provincial and RCMP police officers to issue tickets for certain offences under the Radiocommunication Regulations.

The changes may be seen at:


Radio Amateurs of Canada is the national voice for Amateur Radio in Canada. Our efforts not only promote the Amateur Radio Service but protect it from regulatory interference that may lead to less capability to provide emergency communications. Not already a RAC member? Why not join today at www.rac.ca and find out about the many benefits our members enjoy across the country and the world beyond.

Bill Gade, VE4WO
Regulatory Affairs


The IARU has now released all frequencies used in the Philippine storm event.   For full details go to



7.09MHz is the frequency in use by Philippines ham operators. Please ensure you keep the frequency clear until the emergency is over.  For full details go to


Aftershocks Continue in Haida Gwaii.

The aftershocks continue in Haida Gwaii with a Magnitude 5.0 reported at 0528 UTC Dec 6th 2012. The location was 50 kmsouth west of Sandspit. This is the same area where the Magnitude 7.7 struck several weeks ago.. There is NO Tsunami warning and no reported injuries or damage.  Representatives from several universities and Natural Resources Canada continue their research in the area.   This is yet another reminder to be prepared.  ARES units are you ready to assist if required ?

Do you Know the Difference in the various warnings involved with a Tsunami

Do you know the difference between a Tsunami Warning and a Tsunami Advisory? The response between the two is very different.  For the definition of a warning and advisory and other information go to the website noted below.  While this information is useful to the general public it is very important for those involved with ARES