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BC’s Distracted Driving Fines go UP June 1 2017.

The BC Government has let it be known enough is enough.. Distracted driving fines will be going up. Repeat offenders will definitely feel the pinch. I sure hope this helps the situation

Starting June 1, minimum distracted driving fine in BC will be $543

BC Hams might be a good idea to have a copy of the new regs in you vehicles. Remember DO NOT USE DTMF BUTTONS WHILE DRIVING ! ! !

Some Comments From An EMCOMM Operator…

The following “memo” was received from an Amateur Radio Operator who has held several ARES positions over the years and has volunteered countless hours. While you may not agree with everything contained in the “memo” I hope it will give you pause for thought. If it makes you think and reflect then it has done its job.

Thoughts on being an Amateur Radio Operator Emergency Communications Volunteer By VA7ZA


Amateur Radio Operators can be a great resource for government departments during an emergency that involves local, regional and provincial governments.

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Many areas of British Columbia are suffering the effects of heavy rain and snow melt. Emergency Operations Centres are opening and closing as situations dictate. In addition evacuation warnings and orders are being issued and rescinded regularly. In order to keep up with these events the site noted below will provide you with the current information. (Click on Home)