BC HAM Wins RAC Scholarship

Al Eros, VE4ZB – RAC Scholarship Coordinator

It is with great pleasure that RAC British Columbia / Yukon Director Keith Witney, VE7KW and Scholarship Chair Al Eros, VE4ZB, announce the awarding of a $1,000 scholarship to Levente Buzás, VA7QF, on behalf of all Radio Amateurs of Canada members. Levente is a graduate research student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. 

Every year, through the RAC Foundation, Radio Amateurs of Canada provides grants and scholarships to worthy community programs and to young Canadian Amateurs who are studying at the post-secondary level. RAC operates the RAC Foundation in cooperation with the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO) which administers and invests the donated funds and disburses the earnings from those invested funds to grant applicants, based upon the advice of the RAC Board. All grant applications should be submitted to the RAC Foundation for processing and recommendation.

Note: This year, the deadline has been extended to November 30 to compensate for the delays caused by the global pandemic.

Upon hearing the good news, Levente, VA7QF, wrote: 

“I would like to thank all those Canadian Amateurs who have generously donated to the scholarship fund, and the RAC Board for awarding me the privilege of receiving this award. 

My graduate research is on the design, development and licensing of an open source radio communications subsystem (ground and space stations) for the ORCASat nanosatellite, which has been endorsed by Radio Amateurs of Canada to operate in the 435-438 MHz Amateur satellite allocation after its launch next year. 

The system (design files, code, etc.) which I am developing is released to the public domain to be used by Amateurs around the world as they wish. The details can be found at: https://gitlab.com/ORCASat/ttc 

If you wish to donate or require further information about the RAC Scholarships and Grants Program, please visit our Scholarships page on the RAC website at the link provided below or contact Al Eros, VE4ZB at VE4ZB@rac.ca.

W: https://wp.rac.ca/grant-information/  
Levente Buzás, VA7QF