Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Wildfires…… Oh My!

British Columbia is an amazing province.  The natural beauty, fantastic cities, and friendly people make BC one of the best places to visit and live.   British Columbia has a few natural hazards that everyone must be aware of, and prepared for.

Listed below are information resources for the three major natural occurrences that can affect a large number of British Columbians.



Natural Resources Canada has a great site with earthquake preparedness tips, recent seismic occurrences, and real-time reporting from seismometers.  Please visit .

For more information on how to prepare you family for the worst please visit .


Living on the coast of BC means that we must also be prepared for a Tsunami.  Information on Tsunamis affecting the west coast of North America can be found at NOAA’s West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center .


BC has nearly a million square kilometres of wild-lands and forests.  Bordering on those forests are the population centres of BC.  If you live in an area that is affected by wildfires you should be prepared to evacuate your family in very short notice.  Please visit for wildfire locations and tips on preparedness please visit .

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide