IARU Region 2 Executive Committee Issues Upbeat Seasonal Message:

International Amateur Radio Union (IARU http://www.iaru.org/) Region 2 Secretary George Gorsline, VE3YV, has issued a year-end message on behalf of the Executive Committee.

“A bright spot in an otherwise challenging year is that our shared passion of amateur radio is growing stronger,” Gorsline wrote. “The increase in on-the-air activity has been noticeable, especially on the HF bands. Driven by reawakening solar activity and the rapid adoption of digital modes, such as FT8, the bands are active — not just during evenings and weekends, but also during normal working hours, where more than a few of us have been known to be in video conference calls while making QSOs.

Growth in activity and participation has not been limited to the HF bands. Use of VHF and UHF has also increased, not just for local nets, but especially interest in satellite operations.”

Gorsline said that the use of “virtual learning” has allowed many IARU member-societies and affiliated clubs to conduct licensing classes and exams. “Attracting new and younger amateurs is our future,” said Gorsline. “For 2022, the challenge to all of us is to not only enjoy our hobby, but to also share it with someone new.”

Gorsline challenged members of the amateur community to “introduce someone to the many possibilities of amateur radio.”