RAC Bulletin 2011-046E – New Membership rates

RAC Bulletin 2011-046E – New Membership rates


It has been many years but the Radio Amateurs of Canada have finally raised the membership rates.

Rates had previously been raised for United States and International Members to take into account the increased mailing costs for non-Canadian residents.

Canadian membership rates are among the lowest in the world and will remain so. A membership in the Radio Amateurs of Canada will continue to be less than a tank of gas and the increase is less than a cup of coffee for most memberships.

These price changes are now reflected on the RAC website.

Membership: Full Regular $52.00, Full Family $25.00, Full Blind $25.00, Full Maple Leaf Operator $100.00
Associate Regular $52.00, Associate Family $25.00, Associate Blind $25.00, Associate Corporate $150.00, Associate U.S. $90, Associate International $130

The above Membership Dues are subject to GST and/or HST from your province of residence.
5% – AB, MB, NT, NU, MB, PE, QC, SK, YT
12% – BC
13% – NB, NL, ON
15% – NS

Frank Greene
Office Manager – Radio Amateurs of Canada