[RAC-Bulletin] New Manager of the VO Incoming QSL Bureau

New Manager of the VO Incoming QSL Bureau

Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, has retired from his position as the VO Incoming QSL Bureau Manager and Bill Kirby, VO1BB, has taken over as the new Manager effective immediately.

The VO QSL Bureau began in 1936 with Eric Holden, VO1H, as its first Manager. Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, took over the operation of the Bureau in late 1996 from Roly Peddle, VE6RL/VO1BD (SK) and is the longest serving Manager in its 84 year history.

In recognition of his 24 years of service, Radio Amateurs of Canada presented Rick with a Certificate of Appreciation “For Extraordinary Service to Amateur Radio in Newfoundland and Labrador as VO Incoming QSL Bureau Manager”.

Frank Davis, VO1HP, Deputy Director for the Atlantic Region, and Bill Kirby, VO1BB, new VO QSL Bureau Manager, made the presentation to Rick on Friday, August 21 at his QSL Bureau office in his home.

The certificate read:

“Rick was a natural for the job of QSL Manager due to his avid DXing and personal interest in collecting QSL cards. His call sign is widely known in worldwide DX circles.

The news would go out locally from Rick that a new batch of cards had been sorted and a steady stream of local Amateurs would make their way to Rick’s driveway to collect their bundles of cards. One always anticipated the exotic treasures that the bundles might contain!

Radio Amateurs of Canada extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Rick Burke, VO1SA/VO2CW, for 24 years of dedicated service to the Radio Amateurs in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Welcome Aboard Bill!

The new Manager of the VO Incoming QSL Bureau is Bill Kirby, VO1BB. Bill was first licensed in 1997 as VO1BKR. In 1998, he received his Advanced Certification and the following year he completed his Morse Code test. In 2002, he received the two-letter call sign VO1BB. In 2007, he obtained his Certified Emergency Coordinator (CEC) designation from Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Bill started DXing using SSB because “he was too nervous to use CW, but after listening to a few CW QSOs and contests he started to use CW more and more. He is hooked on CW and it has become is favourite mode.” His first station was a Heathkit 101 with very low output and he operated QRP for about 10 years with mostly dipoles and verticals.

Bill’s current station consists of a Yaesu FTDX1200 with an Ameritron AL-811H. He still likes to run low power but has the amp for backup. His antennas now consist of a 3-element tribander for 10, 15 and 20 metres with dipoles and long wires for the rest of the bands. He will be putting up a second tower and beam for the 30, 17 and 12 metre bands later this year.

Radio Amateurs of Canada takes great pleasure in welcoming Bill Kirby, VO1BB, as the 13th manager of the VO Incoming QSL Bureau and wishes him success in the role for many years to come.

The VO Incoming QSL Bureau has a new Manager and a new address:

Bill Kirby, VO1BB, Manager
VO Incoming QSL Bureau
60 McNiven Place
St. John’s NL A1A 4X1
Email: vo1bb@yahoo.ca

All credits, cards and information concerning the Bureau have been transferred to Bill.

All Radio Amateurs with VO call signs should ensure that they have credits and up-to-date address information so that Bill can forward QSL cards to you.

Welcome aboard Bill and thank you Rick!