[RAC-Bulletin] RAC Online Beginner’s CW Course: Thank you for a great response!

At the beginning of September, RAC was pleased to announce that in addition to the Basic and Advanced Amateur Radio Qualification courses, we were now offering a Beginner’s CW Course, which was being provided by Tony Pattinson, VE2KM, to teach Morse Code to Amateurs and help them get on the air with CW.  

The response to the CW course was tremendous!

  • 70 people expressed an interest in taking this course
  •  Two Beginner level courses have been set up: one for the eastern provinces with eight participants and one for the western provinces with six participants
  • An intermediate course has also been arranged with five participants

Applicants who met the prerequisite requirements, but who did not get on one of the present courses have been placed on a standby list. They will be offered a self-study program with the objective of getting them adequately prepared for more courses which will be provided in January.

Registration for upcoming courses:

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for future CW courses please send an email directly to Tony VE2KM@YnotSailing.com with “RAC CW Course” as the subject line.

If you need any assistance from Radio Amateurs of Canada please contact the RAC Office at racgm@rac.ca.

As described in the previous bulletin, CW has always been a passion for Tony and he is a CW Academy Advisor and a lifetime member of the CW Operator’s Club. He is giving freely of his time and experience as a Morse Instructor with CW Academy and his professional experience in training. Thank you Tony!

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
RAC President and Chair

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director