Radio Amateurs of Canada award their first Challenge Certificates August 2021

Congratulations to Nicolas Gagnon, VE2NCG, Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK and Pierre Jolin, VE2GT. They are the first Amateurs to earn “Coureur des bois” certificates in the RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge. 

During the first month of the RAC Challenge, Nick, Chris and Pierre each earned a Bronze certificate for deploying their portable stations 25 times. 

Nick Gagnon, VE2NCG

Nick (shown above) went on to earn the first Silver award for 50 portable operations. 

There are at least two other Amateurs who are very close to earning their own Bronze awards. 

Gold awards are available for those who deploy their stations in 100 portable operations.

The RAC Challenge began on July 1, 2021. It was conceived to recognize and reward portable operations from locations in Canada. 

Well over 200 portable operations have been reported by Amateurs in seven provinces during the first month of the program. 

Please see for more information on the RAC Challenge.