From the Polish Amateur Radio Society. Feb 2022

In view of events in Ukraine the Polish Amateur Radio Society has posted the following information.

Dear HAM operators, in the face of the latest threats in our region and a possibility of an incoming wave of refugees, with over 2 mln already living in Poland, we would like to remind you that we are at your disposal.If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, you can send information by e-mail to your relatives in Poland or Emergency Services with via the Winlink system, which works on HF bands, independently of access to the local ICT infrastructure advise you to download the software, install it and check its operation.

Polish WinLink nodes are QRV on 160,80,20m

SR5WLK dial frequency 3595,5 kHz USB

SR3WLK dial requency 14111 kHz USB

SP3IEW dial frequency 1865 kHz USB

If we receive information about the cut-off of the Internet in the region in danger, we will be QRV daily as SP0MASR @ 18-20 UTC on the frequencies 3770 kHz +/- QRM, 7110 kHz +/- QRM.In such a situation, please communicate in Polish or English.We are here to serve you.