Press Release

The Coast Emergency Communications Association, based in Nanaimo, is pleased to announce that it has recently been granted charitable status. This newly formed British Columbia society was incorporated by local area amateur radio operators and is dedicated solely to providing accurate and efficient emergency communications services to government agencies, non-governmental agencies and the public in times of community crisis. While this group of radio operators offered this service in the past while operating as members of the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association, this new society will provide an enhanced service to the community.

Recent emergencies such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the New Zealand and Haiti earthquakes and other such events have all involved the services of amateur radio. In times of disasters when regular communications such as telephone, cell phones and the internet are compromised due to damage or simply because they are overwhelmed by the crisis, amateur radio operators step in to serve their community.

Amateur radio is recognized by and included within the Emergency Programs of both the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo. Dedicated radios and other equipment have been acquired by both the City and the RDN and have been installed at the various emergency centres for use by the members of CECA should a crisis occur.

Members of the Coast Emergency Communications Association are also members of the Provincial Emergency Program and the national Amateur Radio Emergency Service. The Canadian Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other similar organizations have established formal agreements with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service to provide communications.

An orientation night for anyone interested in learning more about this new organization will be held on Thursday evening, 28 April 2011, at the association’s office located at room 2, 1415 Wingrove Street, Nanaimo.

The Coast Emergency Communications Association will hold its first annual general meeting to elect its slate of officers on September 29, 2011.
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CECA press release 25 April 2011