Working with the Community April 6 2024

On April 6 2024 members worked with the Insurance Underwriters of Canada and the Gabriola Fire Department in the inspection/accreditation process of the Fire Department. The requirements for this accreditation required the fire department  to deliver 2,400 imperial gallons of water in an hour. This volume is required meet the 1900 litres per minute (400 gallons) rate of flow.  Additionally the water source had to be at least 2 km from  the “scene.”

This accreditation allows home owners additional deductions of their home insurance saving many hundreds of dollars

The role of amateur radio in this event was to keep track of the water tenders as they moved from the “scene” to the water source. This aided the commander as he could be informed at any time where his water tenders were in the sequence. It also freed up radio frequencies and fire fighters.

An excellent job by the fire department and radio operators.