The Coast Emergency Communications Association (CECA) is looking for men and women who want to make a difference.  If you would like to assist your community, provide yourself with some different challenges, and are ready to learn new skills, this organization could be what your are looking for.

We are a not-for-profit society registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia. We work in conjunction with the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo emergency program managers and other responders. Our role, using amateur radio, is to assist the authorities with emergency/auxiliary communications when called upon during various natural and other events that impact the community

While there are many advanced and newer technologies in communications, such as cellular phones, texting, amateur radio is recognized by the British Columbia and local governments as very relevant because simple two-way radio communications can endure earthquakes, fires and other disasters when all other forms of communications fail. Amateur radio operators can provide vital communications especially during and after emergencies and are an important link for government and other agencies until normal communications are re-established.

Our motto is simple:
Amateur Radio is a hobby,
Emergency/Auxiliary Communication is a commitment.


Coast Emergency Communications Association