Dominica Airlift Support and HF Equipment.

I have received the following email

Dominica Airlift – Angels to Eden. The island nation of Dominica, in the Caribbean, was devastated by category-5 Hurricane Maria last Monday. It wiped out the buildings and the entire 70,000 population is without power or communications. The ship ferry docks were destroyed, so relief must be flown in. The Dominica Airlift is flying there with a group of planes, spearheaded by Brian Lloyd WB6RQN, to the only surviving airstrip. Brian will be taking portable satellite and HF radio gear to set up communications; he also has HF radio SSB and ALE on his plane. He is taking a Micom 3 Fly Away HF radio with ALE, to set up as for a portable base station for disaster relief. -Bonnie KQ6XA
Brian Lloyd loading his plane Spirit with relief supplies

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