Emergency Nets

In the event emergency or auxiliary communications are required within the City of Nanaimo or the Regional District of Nanaimo a directed net will be established on the linked repeater system of the Coast Emergency Communications Association. The system consists of multiple linked repeaters within the region and 443.000 MHz +(tone 141.3) is the primary repeater.  Nets are held weekly on Tuesday nights at 1900 hours.

British Columbia Yukon Traffic Net. This SSB  meets daily at 0230 UTC on 3.720 MHz .  This directed net liaises with the British Columbia Emergency Net and the Region7 Net. The primary purpose of this net is to handle formal traffic. During times when emergency/auxiliary communications are in progress the net may meet more frequently.

British Columbia Public Service Net. This directed net meets daily at 0130 UTC on 3.729 MHz and provides contacts throughout the Province of British Columbia.  In times of emergency/auxiliary communications interested amateurs will be directed to this net by the Provincial Government.  Should the services of a particular station be required the Provincial Government will come to this net to locate stations in the area of interest.

Canadian National HF Emergency Communication Frequency List

80M 3.675 MHz3.535 MHz3.596 MHz
40M 7.135 MHz7.035 MHz7.096 MHz
20M 14.135 MHz14.035 MHZ14.096 MHz
17M 18.135 MHz18.075 MHz18.096 MHz
15M 21.235 MHz21.035 MHz21.096 MHz
10M 28.236 MHz28.035 MHz28.096 MHz

More information may be found at:https://www.rac.ca/national-hf-emergency-communications-frequencies 
RN7 meets daily on 3925 KHz or 7238 KHz at 0945 and 1515 local Pacific Time


Coast Emergency Communications Association