Below is information from a RAC Bulletin on the announcement that the Southern Alberta Repeater Association will join the Alberta Emergency Alert program starting mid June 2014

The following statement has been published by AEMA to all of their publicity contacts:

The Alberta Emergency Alert program, in conjunction with the Southern Alberta Repeater Association (SARA), is pleased to announce that SARA will transmit critical Alberta Emergency Alert messages starting June 18, 2014. The Alberta Emergency Alert program provides lifesaving information through radio, television, a public website, a smartphone application, Facebook, Twitter, and an RSS feed. 

The amateur radio community is very active in Alberta and is routinely called upon to assist emergency management organizations with site to site communications. Many amateur operators are also trained severe weather spotters with links into Environment Canada. In addition to its existing communication channels, the Alberta Emergency Alert program recognizes that organizations like SARA can help provide even more paths to Albertans, ensuring that alerts can reach as many people as possible who may be affected by emergencies or disasters.


SARA is an amateur radio society with approximately 100 members who maintain over 20 repeater sites providing continuous communications coverage between major centers in the province. The system is open to any licensed amateur operator, and SARA often gets used for provincial networks, public service events and general communications. Alert messages will be delivered on the main SARA backbone automatically, covering the Highway 2 corridor from Edmonton in the north to Vulcan County in the south.