President’s Report …. November 2013

During an email exchange with a ham in British Columbia, I stated “I
need to make plans to get out to BC .. I haven’t been there in years
and I have never been there as RAC President”. Our BC/Yukon Regional
Director Bill Gipps VE7XS emailed me and asked “did you mean that?”
and Bill and Geoff’s Excellent BC Adventure was born. Bill reached out
to clubs throughout Continue reading “President’s Report …. November 2013”


Just a reminder for those of you with emergency kits.  The water and appropriate food items should be rotated every six months.  Now may be a good time to do that,  what with all the shopping and celebrations ongoing at this time of year. There should be ample “presents”  to give to your emergency kit.

Industry Canada posts RAC letter of response to Medical Devices operating in 70 cm band

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Vincent Charron, VA3GX/VE2HHH
Director of Communications and Fundraising – Radio Amateurs of/du
Canada –

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In the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of TCA there was an article entitled:
“Industry Canada Releases a Radio Standard Specification (RSS) for
Medical Devices Operating in the Band 413-457 MHz”. In the article, we
mentioned RAC would be responding to IC with a letter of comment. This
letter is now posted for public viewing on the Industry Canada web
site at the URL:


We encourage members to read it.

Norm Rashleigh, VE3LC
RAC Representative the Radio Advisory Board of Canada