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RAC Section Managers reaffirm support of NTS* 2013-03-20

Section Managers representing all RAC Sections coast to coast
concluded discussions recently regarding NTS (National Traffic
System), and they confirmed ongoing support of NTS encouraging
operators to continue to support NTS by passing traffic on a regular
basis. NTS digital and Win link 2000 is the preferred system for ARES
Units to remain interoperable and functional in a digital world and
operators who have digital capability are encouraged to keep the
system busy.

Doug Mercer VO1DTM/VO1DM CEC
Radio Amateurs of Canada – Chief Field Services Officier

Earthquake Research on Vancouver Island, some stuff we didn’t know

Why slow slip can portend a major earthquake.  WE need to be prepared.  The article is interesting and informative. Some think Cascaidia is due or overdue for a very large quake. This would impact Washington State as well as British Columbia. There is a  theory the effect would be felt well inland.  To read this informative article go to

Ham Radio Aids Florida Ham

Once again ham radio proves it worth.  Out of cell phone range, in the Green Swamp Wildlife Management Area with the water rising is generally not the best time to get stuck in the mud. That’s exactly what happened to one Florida Ham who used his radio to get assistance and out of trouble.  For all the details go to


Whenever there is an event the media is there with their reporters standing out in the weather relating the “story.” ARES is there too providing communication and other assistance. This is the response phase. After the event is over the media moves on to the next crisis, but those involved in the event may have much left to clean up. This is the recovery. For a short three minute video on the Sandy Recovery in NJ go to the website below. We must always remember that the recovery can be just as important as the response.

How Realistic is your Emergency Plan.

The article below brings up several good points in emergency planning. We all know that what actually happens during an event does not always exactly follow the plan. The plan often provides a guideline..  Planning is  important and this article provides some insight into the planning process.