SATERN turns 30

Here is an early Happy Birthday for all those involved with the Salvation Army’s SATERN Radio Network.  Hard to believe you will be 30 this year.

SATERN started with 4 hams. Two from the US and two from Canada. That roll has now increased to over 4500.

The birthday is actually in June and I am sure there will be information forthcoming on celebration events. To learn more about SATERN go to

TSUNAMI Information

Now that folks have had some time to settle down after the tsunami warning it maybe helpful to review the below noted material on tsunami response.  If you are not sure what BC Zone you live in scroll down the right hand side of the page and you will see links to zone maps.    ARES leaders this is excellent information for everyone. Remember when/if a tsunami strikes it may well be interior stations who will be needed to relay information so this information applies to all.


0426  All island ARES stations stood down.

0416  Tsunami has been confirmed, however warning for BC Coast has been cancelled.  Further info when available.


A tsunami warning has been issued for the entire BC Coast.  Waves estimated to arrive at Tofino around 0430 hrs.  Further updates when info available

Ever Ask Yourself Why.?

Those involved in emergency response and ARES leadership spend a lot of time teaching folks about disaster planning/response.  For those involved the recent survey in British Columbia must be truly frustrating.

Keeping in mind the fires and flooding that have occurred in BC in 2017 BC Business Magazine commissioned the Mustel Group to contact businesses to see how prepared they were for a natural disaster. The results : 4 in 10 businesses THINK they have a plan six in ten have no formal or even informal plan.

Those businesses that were more prepared were in the interior where fires and flood activity has recently occurred. Might make one wonder if folks need to go through a crisis or disaster to learn why they need to be prepared.

Reference  BC  Magazine Dec/Jan 2018.