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Radio Amateurs of Canada, Community Services Officer presentation Oct 7 2021

The following information has been received from the Radio Amateurs of Canada

As part of the transition to the new Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) program, RAC Community Officer (CSO), Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT, has been following a video series presented by the Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC) on Thursday evenings.

This series of weekly disaster communications presentations provided via the Zoom videoconferencing platform is called “Emergency Management’s Expectations of Amateur Radio” and focuses on government, non-government agencies and organizations served by Amateur Radio in one way or another during a disaster. Although the presentations are currently based in America, they cover many similar issues and concerns found here in Canada.

The role of the Auxiliary Communications Service in Canada will also be to supplement, or augment communications for local, provincial or national emergency management groups and non-government organizations when required. 

On Thursday, October 7, Jason will be joining a group of presenters in the RATPAC series to offer a look at the differences in emergency management in Canada and the United States, and to discuss why Radio Amateurs of Canada is developing an Auxiliary Communications program. For more information about the presentation and the video series please visit:

RATPAC Video Presentations Lists – Google Drive

Although not affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, RATPAC is made up of ARRL Section Managers, appointed ARRL field leaders, and other members of the Amateur Radio community.

It hosts Zoom presentations twice weekly for Amateur Radio operators worldwide: Wednesdays on general radio topics; and Thursdays on Amateur Radio emergency communications. The presentation audience participates directly in the Zoom sessions and/or indirectly with video links and related documentation sent out after each session.

RAC will also be hosting a coast to coast Zoom session in January 2022 to cover the new direction in detail. Stay tuned to the RAC website and the pages of The Canadian Amateur magazine for more information.

Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT
RAC Community Services Officer

Crisis Communications Sept 22 2021

I have not been able to find a copy of the report, but in the press released I didn’t see any mention of ham radio. Sat phones and internet. It would seem those in charge continue to reply on the same systems that fail them in times of crisis. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in radio equipment available to the Province and yet they still won’t use it. Like I say I may have missed it but………

Hurricane Ida has the US FCC extending some deadlines.

The following has been received from the ARRL

From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT September 9, 2021
To all radio amateurs

ARLB023 FCC Extends Filing Deadlines for Affected Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties

In the wake of the disruption caused after Hurricane Ida struck the Gulf Coast of the US as a Category 4 storm on Sunday, August 29, the FCC has announced that it is extending certain filing deadlines for those in Louisiana and Mississippi unable to meet them due to the storm. President Joseph Biden issued an emergency declaration for Mississippi on August 28 and a major disaster declaration for Louisiana on August 29.

Pursuant to its authority to waive rules for good cause and to alleviate any additional burden that may be caused by FCC filing requirements and regulatory deadlines, the FCC has extended certain deadlines occurring August 29 – September 30, 2021, inclusive, for affected licensees and applicants in the affected areas.

The FCC is defining “affected areas” as the Louisiana parishes and Mississippi counties that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has designated as eligible for Individual or Public Assistance for the purposes of federal disaster relief as of Friday, September 3, which includes all parishes and counties in those states. The deadline extension does not apply to individuals living elsewhere in the US.

For affected licensees and applicants in Louisiana and Mississippi, the FCC has extended until October 1 any deadlines currently set within the period August 29 – September 30, 2021, inclusive, with respect to Wireless Radio Service applications, notifications, and reports pursuant to Parts 1 (Subpart F only), 13, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 74 (excluding Subparts G, and L), 80, 87, 90, 95, 96, 97, or 101 of the Commission’s rules, including, but not limited to, filings regarding certain minor license modifications, license renewals, and notifications of construction.

Licensees and applicants making delayed filings in accordance with this extension must include with those filings a certification made under penalty of perjury that the deadlines could not be met within the time otherwise provided in the Commission’s rules because of Hurricane Ida.