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2024 Fire Season Has Started in British Columbia

The following has been issued by Emergency Management Climate Readiness (BC)

Emergency Info BC
The Regional District of Bulkley Nechako has issued an #Evacuation Alert for the Endako area due to wildfire. If you are in the Alert area, you must be ready to leave on short notice. More info & map of Alert area: #BCWildfire

Comox Valley Ham Radio Swap / Flea Market 10am Until Noon

Comox Valley Ham Radio Swap / Flea Market

What: Bargains galore!  Ham / Shortwave / CB / Vintage / Misc. Electronics

When: SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 10 am – Noon (approx.)

Where: Merville Hall (yellow building), 1245 Fenwick Rd at Hwy 19A. (just 15 min. North of Courtenay on the old highway).     LOTS OF FREE PARKING


Seller Information:  Contact Brian / VE7RD /

Please share with your friends / membership / newsletter / organization

Presented by the Comox Valley Amateur Radio Club

Incorrect Email Sent to Members about Membership Cancellation APRILL 2024

Incorrect Email Message about Memberships

RAC Bulletin April 13, 2014:

We have received several reports from RAC members who have received a message from Radio Amateurs of Canada which indicates that their membership has ended.

This message was in fact sent by Radio Amateurs of Canada to RAC members, but it was entirely as a result of a technical error while working on an update to the RAC website.

We emphasize that no RAC memberships have ended prematurely and your membership remains active. If you wish to confirm the status of your RAC membership, you may do so by logging into your RAC account on the RAC website.

We apologize for this error and any inconvenience that it has caused and we sincerely thank you once again for your response. If this had in fact been a phishing or other cybersecurity threat we hope that you would act the same way and contact RAC before clicking on any links. We have provided some cybersecurity tips below.

RAC’s Cybersecurity Efforts

To date, there have been no direct successful attacks on the RAC computer system. Unfortunately attempts to defraud people through email messages and phone calls are a part of the world we live in today.

We will continue to take measures to ensure that our computer system is as safe as possible and that our members are provided with information.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is continuing to increase our cybersecurity. We do not keep any financial information and only widely available personal information (such as name, call sign and dates relating to current membership) is available in our system so our risks are considerably less than compared to commercial systems.

Note: Radio Amateurs of Canada collects personally identifiable information about you when you voluntarily provide it. When you apply for membership and subscription services, or provide your personal contact information for publication or product orders, every effort will be made to ensure that the information provided will be securely maintained. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and our Cybersecurity webpage.

Tips on Avoiding Email Scams

Here are a few tips on how to avoid email scams:

1) Filter spam.

2) Don’t trust unsolicited email.

3) Treat email attachments with caution.

4) Don’t click links in email messages unless you are confident you know who the sender is.

5) Install antivirus software and keep it up to date.

6) Install a personal firewall and keep it up to date.

7) Configure your email client for security.

Radio Amateurs of Canada will never ask people to download files from a third-party site in their email communication.

Always check to see if the sender of a suspicious email has an email address as all RAC officials use

If you are concerned or suspicious always contact the RAC office before opening any files in an email message that appears to come from RAC.

Thank you for continuing to notify us about cybersecurity threats!

Working with the Community April 6 2024

On April 6 2024 members worked with the Insurance Underwriters of Canada and the Gabriola Fire Department in the inspection/accreditation process of the Fire Department. The requirements for this accreditation required the fire department  to deliver 2,400 imperial gallons of water in an hour. This volume is required meet the 1900 litres per minute (400 gallons) rate of flow.  Additionally the water source had to be at least 2 km from  the “scene.”

This accreditation allows home owners additional deductions of their home insurance saving many hundreds of dollars

The role of amateur radio in this event was to keep track of the water tenders as they moved from the “scene” to the water source. This aided the commander as he could be informed at any time where his water tenders were in the sequence. It also freed up radio frequencies and fire fighters.

An excellent job by the fire department and radio operators.










































































































































































































































































































































































































Ham Radio and the Gabriola Fire Department April 6 2024

Five CECA  members participated, as part of the team, in the re-certification of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department for their Fire Underwriters Superior Tanker Accreditation. This department was first department west of Ontario to achieve this accreditation several  years ago.  This accreditation allows local residents the same fire insurance rates as those with a paid fire department (Read hundreds of dollars in savings !)

Congratulations on winning the recertification and it was rewarding to be able to assist with communications.