RAC-Bulletin Canadian Liberation March ON4CLM (early heads-up).

Last year I contacted you with the question to publish the information on our S.E.S. concerning the Canadian Liberation Mars (ON4CLM) that is held each year in the weekend of November 1st.

This year again is a new edition of the S.E.S. runs from October 16th. – November 15th. 2014
I wonder if you can publish this again on the website and in the RAC magazine to be sure that as much Canadian amateurs get to know about the activation. Last year we had a great deal of Canadian Amateurs who contacted the station. There is also a nice award available in .pdf format and free of charge. One contact is enough the get the award. Our goal of course is to contact as many Canadian stations as possible and never to forget what the troops did for our freedom.
I know I’m early with the information but to be sure you have enough time to calculate the necessary space. Is it possible to add the info in different issues of the magazine (August – September –     October to remind?) and a few webpages? Thanks in advance.

More info on the S.E.S. you will find on   www.oo4clm.be

Looking forward to hear from you I send my best regards. If you need more information, please let me know.

Guy – ON4RO
organiser of the event.