[RAC-Bulletin] IARU(2) EC meeting and presence in ARRL Centennial Convention

The annual Executive Committee meeting of IARU R2 was held in Hartford,
Connecticut, USA, last July 15 and 16. All annual reports were reviewed
and discussed, as well asthe situation of each Member Society; future
plans were discussed, and there were comments about the situation of
amateur radio, especially in the region. All those present were very
satisfied with the results and confirmed their commitment to continue
working for the benefit of their respective member societies and of
amateur radio. EC members visited ARRL’s headquarters in Newington, a
few minutes from the hotel where the meeting was held.

ARRL’s National Centennial Convention was held on July 17-19 immediately
after the meeting, with the presence of more than 1,000 radio amateurs
both from the United States and from all regions of the world.
Representing IARU Region 2 were most board members, who were greeted
very warmly by ARRL officers. At the gala banquet, along with other
institutions from all parts of the world, representing IARU R2,
President Leandro and Secretary Molina presented a plaque to the ARRL
with congratulations on their 100th anniversary and in recognition of
its work in favor of radio amateurs throughout the world. (Joaquín Solana, XE1R)

WebLink: http://wp.rac.ca/ec-meeting-and-presence-in-arrl-centennialconvention/

George Gorsline VE3YV
IARU Region 2 Executive Cmte
“Area A” Canada and Bermuda