.RAC-Bulletin] Radio Amateurs of Canada Scholarships application deadline approaching.

*2014 Radio Amateurs of Canada Scholarships application deadline

Earlier this year, RAC announced the availability, once again, of
scholarship availability to young Amateurs who are taking post-secondary
schooling in Electrical, Electronic and Software Engineering. Students in
other fields of study will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You must
be a licensed Amateur and we remind everyone that the deadline for
applications is July 31, 2014.

In 2013, RAC gave out three Education Scholarships of $500 each to: Paulyn
Mulles, VE3PJM, who is attending Carleton University; Jason Deglint,
VE7TJD, who is attending University of Victoria; and Liam Bindle, VE5LRB,
who is attending the University of Saskatchewan. Each of these young
Amateurs received a $500 academic scholarship to assist their further
studies in Electrical Engineering. In their application each one stated how
being an Amateur is a good match to their schooling and provides hands-on
ability to complement their academic studies.

Shaftesbury High School in Winnipeg also received a $500 community grant to
assist them in becoming the only permanent Telebridge Station in Canada to
communicate with the Amateur Radio Station on the International Space
Station (ARISS) under the guidance of Robert Striemer, VE4SHS.

Details on all four categories of scholarships and applications can be
found at Scholarships Canada:

Further detailed information is also available on the RAC Website at:

If you know an Amateur who is studying at the post-secondary level they
should consider applying for one of these grants.

RAC would also like to thank all the Canadian Amateurs whose generous
donations over the years enable RAC to assist the leaders of tomorrow.

Bill Unger, VE3XT
RAC North/East Ontario Regional Director