RAC-Bulletin – Success at Dayton

Once again this year’s RAC presence at Dayton’s Hamvention (fourth year in a row after a ten year hiatus) was an overwhelming success.

Over the week-end, hundreds of visitors signed our Guestbook, adding to the long list from the previous four years.

Numerous amateurs from various countries stopped in and chatted up our various volunteers and RAC officials on various topics such as our valuable Club Insurance program, membership types, Canadian ham operating rules, our band-plan, dx contesting, call sign policy for foreigners, and more. Many memberships were renewed and new ones were added as well. The new e TCA membership is available to US hams at the same cost as to Canadian hams.

RAC seized on this opportunity and distributed information fliers, TCAs, marketed our TCA advertising program to vendors, and tried to provide small gifts to each of our members (until we ran out!)

Directors available to answer questions were Derek Hay ve4hay, Bill Unger, ve3xt, Mitch Mitchel ve6oh, as well as the President, Geoff Bawden ve4baw, Vice President Glenn Macdonnell ve3xra, former RABC Officer Norm Rashleigh ve3lc and former Regulatory Affairs Officer Richard Ferch ve3ki. Former President Dave Goodwin ve3aaq was also on hand.

“A big thank you is in order for our booth volunteers, staff, as well as RAC officials who made the trip down and contributed to it’s success” – says Geoff Bawden, RAC President.

“We are definitely planning on returning for 2015, this venue is a very valuable opportunity for our organization” – concludes Geoff Bawden.

RAC is the voice of Amateur Radio for Canada and proud member society of the IARU.

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