– Recognition of Vernon Ikeda 2014-04-03..

Radio Amateurs of Canada would like to recognize Vernon Ikeda VE2MBS/VE2QQ for his contributions as very dedicated and key volunteer for RAC.

Vern was our Blog/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor and also managed the RAC twitter account. Vern’s signature block can been seen in hundreds of various bulletins and news items that have served to keep our membership so well informed over the past six years. There were no days off for Vern as information needed to be disseminated as it happened when it happened.

Volunteering for RAC is a crucial endeavor that continues to provide everyone with the services they expect. Vern was no exception to this and we recognize his dedication to RAC; always exercising utmost attention to detail and quality in his work.

Background, Vernon Ikeda:
Vern received his basic licence in 1991 after a discussion with the Concordia Radio Club President. He then became active at VE2CUA (the Concordia University ARC) and became interested in packet radio. He acted as the club’s QSL manager for a few years and was treasurer for either one or two years. Vern was active in packet radio both at home and with the club and helped to set up the TCP/IP to internet gateway at the Concordia club.

In 1992 Vern also joined the Montreal Amateur Radio Club’s board of directors as Vice-President. He subsequently became president and after three years he move to the position of treasurer which he held for the next twelve years. He is still on the MARC board after 23 years.

Vernon is a respected member of the amateur community in Montreal and western Quebec. Although he is not fluently bilingual he participated in the Réseau des présidents (presidents net, conducted in French) which was held early in January each year on a Montreal area repeater and in which the presidents of the amateur radio clubs in the area described their club and its activities. While president of MARC he maintained contact with the area francophone clubs which has helped ensure good relations to this day. Vernon has also assisted RAQI with English translations for bulletins and their website and has manned innumerable flea market tables for both MARC and RAC over the years.

On behalf of everyone at RAC, Thank you Vern!

Geoff Bawden VE4BAW
President and Chairman, RAC.