Some interesting BC FACTS.   BC covers roughly 9.5% of the surface of Canada. Only one US state, Alaska, is larger in surface area. California, Tennessee, Washington and Oregon would fit in BC.

Roughly 7,00 sq miles of BC is covered by freshwater lakes and rivers

Vancouver Island is  about the size of Holland.

Nearly 2.1 milliion people live in the Fraser River Delta area. This is nearly half of the proviincial population.

The mountains in North Vancouver get an average rainfall of 73 inches

The City of Nanaimo and its surrounding area is home to over 100,000 residents.

Vancouver Island is home to the largest tree in Canada , both Western Cedar and Douglas Fir and the largest Spruce. For more information and location go to

Emergency Management British Columbia is divided into five regions. All regional office support ham radio stations, The ham community is part of the Provincial Emergency Radio Communication Service.