The following information was received from the BC QSO Party Contest Coordinator

The official results and the post-event report for BCQP 2017 have been uploaded to the BCQP section of the Orca DXCC website. The report includes my behind-the-scenes thoughts, numerical analysis and a summary of results. I believe this very detailed report puts BCQP 2017 results and activity into perspective and can help operators and elmers fine-tune their on-air strategies, whether it is for BCQP 2018 or a RAC contest or any on-air event.
The separate results pages — one for BC stations and one for out-of-BC stations — offer a more detailed breakdown of scores.

Links to the report and detailed results are provided at the end of this email. Or just go to the BCQP home page at http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp.html
If you know someone who participated but didn’t submit a log or was on a team and therefore isn’t getting notification directly, please pass on the links.
Anyone who captured a plaque and/or certificate(s) can expect something by snail mail soon.


Let me also take this opportunity to mention a big change for 2018. The event will still be held on the first full weekend of February, but BCQP 2018 will run for eight hours on the Sunday following the main 12 hours on the regular Saturday. Details are described in the report. 

Thanks to all those who got on the air and/or helped others to do so.

Rebecca VA7BEC
BCQP Contest Coordinator