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RAC Amateur of the Year Award 2019: Cary Rubenfeld, VE4EA

The RAC Board of Directors takes great pleasure in selecting Cary Rubenfeld, VE4EA, as the recipient of the RAC Amateur of the Year Award for 2019 in recognition of his tireless efforts to promote Amateur Radio in his home province of Manitoba, throughout Canada and internationally.

Through the RAC Amateur of the Year Award, Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes the outstanding contributions made by Canadian Amateurs. The RAC Board considers nominations for the RAC Amateur of the Year Award and presents it if and when the nomination demonstrates the exceptional contribution made. If there are several nominations the best for that year is approved.

Cary is a founding member of Radiosport Manitoba (RSM) which combines his passion for contesting and DX. Since its inception in 2013, he has served as its Vice-President and Education Coordinator and has recruited renowned guest speakers to present world class presentations remotely to the group.

He was the driving force behind the organization and presentation of “The HF Experience” in 2016, which was an event targeted towards new and old Amateurs that provided a wide array of topics meant to encourage and entice participants to explore the HF bands.

Cary is a long-time member of the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC) and has organized and led their annual Field Day events for the past several years. He realized that Field Day has often been many Amateurs first opportunity to get on the air and especially on HF. He has seized these opportunities to create a Field Day that encourages HF operation for those with little or no experience. To assist in this, he has successfully recruited top contesters from Alberta, Ontario and the United States to join the local contesters to act as mentors.

Cary has become the face of VE4 on the international scene. A regular attendee at Dayton and a guest at the last World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) event in Germany, he mingles and establishes a personal relationship with Amateurs from around the world. He was also a participant in the VE100VIMY special event in 2017.

In addition to his other volunteer efforts with the Winnipeg ARC, Cary has been instrumental in bringing new life and ideas to the club by seeking out new Amateurs and mentoring them along the path to become proficient operators. In 2019, Cary successfully spearheaded the effort to activate VE4WARC to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club.

Stay tuned to the RAC website for additional information about the presentation of the award once the plans have been finalized. For more information about the RAC Amateur of the Year Award visit: https://wp.rac.ca/rac-amateur-of-the-year/

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
RAC President and Chair


Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director