An Update from Logbook of the World.

The following information was issued by Logbook of The World and is added here in case you missed it ( Like I did !)

Oct 6, 2018: New TQSL Version (v2.4.1) Released —

A new version of the Trusted QSL (TQSL) application — version 2.4.1 — has been released.

This is a maintenance version of Trusted QSL (TQSL) which has corrections for defects found since TQSL 2.4 was released.

Defects Corrected: 

  • Display “No Private Key” versus an error message when displaying a callsign certificate with no installed private key. (This can only happen if something tampers with the TQSL certificate storage.)
  • Fix defect that meant that some callsign certificates (those with missing private keys) could not be restored from a .TBK file containing a good copy. A similar correction was made to ensure that recovery from a .P12 file would work properly in these circumstances.
  • Fix defect that was causing callsign certificate renewals to have “null null null” as the Name in some conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Mac users:

TQSL has been built to be compatible with older Mac systems (OS X 10.4 and later) and to work on both PowerPC and Intel CPU Macs. The current release of OS X (10.14, or Mojave) issues a warning about TQSL when it is run stating that it is not “optimized”, and that it will not work with the next release of OS X. This is forcing us to drop support for PowerPC systems in order to continue to support Mac systems. We will freeze TQSL 2.4.1 and make it available indefinitely, but the next major release of TQSL will not work on PowerPC Macs or Macs running OS X older than Tiger.