Central Vancouver Island Nets -COVID 19

In response to the COVID 19 issue the Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association has published a list of nets for Central / Northern Vancouver Island. Some of these nets have become more frequent.

Nanaimo Area Nets

Daily VHF Nets Time Repeater Callsign Frequency (MHz) Shift Tone

10:30 AM * VA7DXH (Ladysmith) 145.410 MHz (FM) Minus (600 KHz) 88.5 Hz 3:30 PM * VE7ISC (Nanaimo) 146.640 MHz (FM) Minus (600 KHz) 141.3 Hz *Stay Connected Nets operate until BC is cleared of the virus restrictions

Other VHF Nets

Daily 8:15 AM Cowichan Valley ARS Morning Net Island Trunk system (FM) See ITS below

Daily 9 AM Rainbow Country Net 146.940 MHz No Tone (FM) 146.940 MHz

Monday 8 PM Island Trunk system Monday Net Island Trunk system (FM) See ITS Below

Tuesday 7 PM Coast Emergency Comms Association (Message passing Net) CECA VIU Repeater System (FM) Use a 141.3 Hz Tone 443.000 MHz – S. Nanaimo 442.525 MHz – N. Nanaimo 442.450 MHz – Ladysmith 147.080 MHz – Parksville

Tuesday 7:45 PM Vancouver SSB Net 144.22 MHz (USB) Vertical Polarization

Wednesday 7:15 PM Emergency Management BC Island Trunk System Hosted by VE7PEP (FM) See ITS below Thursday *

7 PM NARA Thursday Net Island Trunk System (see below)

Wednesday 6 PM CQ Canada Net (Canada Wide Net) This is a Digital Net using the Fusion C4FM 146.980 MHz (VE7ANI) 443.900 MHz (VE7DJA)

Saturday 11 AM Vancouver Island 50 MHz net* Single sideband (USB) (Hosted by NARA) 50.150 MHz (Simplex)

*Stay Connected Nets operate until BC is cleared of the virus restrictions

HF Nets

** 9 AM The Wrong Button Club 3.744 MHz

Daily 6:30 PM BC Public Service Net 3.729 MHz

Daily 7:30 PM BC Yukon Traffic Net 3.716 MHz

Sunday 4:30 PM NARA Weekly HF Net 3.744 MHz

** Normally Monday to Friday but presently 7 days a week during the virus restrictions

Island Trunk System – a system of linked repeater stations servicing the East coast of Vancouver Island from Victoria to Port McNeill and through Port Alberni over to Tofino. See http://www.islandtrunksystem.org/cms/content/link-codes for more information