The largest simulated emergency test in the history of the Province is over. Now comes the dissecting of what happened. As with any exercise there will be pluses and minuses.

I do not have the actual number of amateur operators who were in Port Alberni working but my guess is in the order of 50. This does not include those operators on the west coast and other areas of the Province.

The local media is reporting over 600 volunteers were involved in the event. Personally I think this number is low.

It was interesting to here the comments and see some of the actions of those in charge when their cell phone, computer and sat phone “didn’t work.”

To the radio operators that participated, whether in Port Alberni or elsewhere thank you.

There is little doubt there is a long way to go in this process. This was a first step and from little I saw it was well done on the radio side.  There will be the after action reports coming out in the next while and from these we will learn more.  Better to learn now, then during an event.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event.

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