Keep Calm and Grab your radio is exactly what happened the in Yukon Territory on the evening of Sunday Sept 21, 2014. A Search and Rescue team was on a search for a lost young man.. The location was about 35 km north of Whitehorse at lake Laberge. The satellite phone was not functioning properly and there was no communication back to Whitehorse to call for assistance, additional resources or send status reports. One of the search and rescue members is an amateur who has a radio in his truck. A radio link was established with Whitehorse using the Yukon Amateur Radio Association (Y.A.R.A.)repeater system. In the end the individual was found safe and sound and proper communications were established for the search.. For the second time in as many months members of Y.A.R.A. were able to assist in an emergency situation.

The Y.A.R.A. repeater system and Y.A.R.A.  members have been mentioned on this site several times. It is truly an impressive system run by a dedicated group who have to contend with conditions and circumstances many here in the south could not imagine.

Congratulations to all involved for your continued excellent work.

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