LOTW Issues Resolved

It would appear the issues with the ARRL Logbook of the World have been resolved. The following appears on the LOTW site

Feb 21, 2018: LoTW Now Processing Logs —

The ARRL LoTW developers are reporting that LoTW is processing logs without issue.

If you uploaded a log file and received an error about an invalid county like this example:

Error in record 2: US_COUNTY: Invalid value in field


Error in record 3: tCONTACT STATION_UID (1) doesn’t match any tSTATION STATION_UID

you will need to upload your log file again.

If you use TQSL to sign and upload your logs and receive a message about duplicate QSO select Allow Duplicates when prompted.

If you use a logging program shortcut to sign and upload your logs you may have to uncheck files already sent. See your logging program support group for help.

See the LoTW documentation for assistance with uploading files.


If after reviewing the documentation you still have questions you may submit a help ticket.


LoTW does not offer telephone assistance. Please submit a help ticket.

Thank you for your patience.