RAC BULLETIN – Canadian Hall of Fame Appointments.

Don Dashney VE3RM (SK) and George Spencer VE3AGS (SK) appointed to Hall of Fame

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame is pleased to appoint Don Dashney VE3RM (SK) of L’Orignal, ON and George Spencer VE3AGS (SK) of Jordan (St. Catherines), ON to the Hall of Fame for 2014.  The families of the two appointees will receive this postumous award in early 2015.  A summary of their contributions to amateur radio will be published in The Canadian Amateur magazine. Both appointees are Silent Keys.

The appointments are to recognize amateurs for outstanding achievement and for sustained service to amateur radio in Canada, or amateur radio at large. The Board of Trustees consists of an amateur radio representative from each province of Canada, appointed by the Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada..

Ed Frazer VE7EF
Chair, Board of Trustees
Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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