[RAC-Bulletin] RAC Canada 150 Award Operations Update: October 9 2017

The following bulletin has been received from the Radio Amateurs of Canada and it deals with the Canada 150 Award Operations

RAC Stations Schedule (as of October 9, 2017)


Volunteers are needed to activate the 14 RAC stations for the RAC Canada 150 Award. The following schedule is as of October 9, 2017 and new volunteers will be added as the names are submitted. For more information visit http://wp.rac.ca/rac150/

VA2RAC – André Perron, VE2ZT, will operate every weekend from the beginning of September until the end of December on various band from 80m to 6m.

VA3RAC – Steve McEdwards, VA3TPS, will operate from October 11 to 15 and Rob Noakes, VE3PCP, will operate from October 20 to October 22 for the Scouts’ Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).

VE1RAC – Bob Schofield, VE1RSM, will operate until October 6. Len Morgan, VE9MY, Russ Hemphill, VE9FI, Linda Friars, VE9GLF and Patricia, VE9DZ, will use VE1RAC from October 6 to October 15 from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

VE4RAC – Cary Rubenfeld, VE4EA, assisted by other Winnipeg Amateurs, will be operating as VE4RAC from time to time between now and the end of the year.

VE7RAC – Fred Orsetti, VE7IO, has organized the following volunteers to operate the VE7RAC call sign for the rest of the year: Doug Pichette, VA7DP, Gabor Horvath, VE7JH, Al McNeil, VA7QQ, John Mackay, VE7RB, Al Ross, VE7WJ, Jim Smith, VE7FO, Rebecca Kimoto, VA7BEC, Koji Kimoto, VA7KO, Brian Summers, VE7JKZ, John White, VA7JW, John Schouten, VE7TI and Fred Orsetti, VE7IO. A schedule is available in PDF format (78 kb) at http://wp.rac.ca/rac-canada-150-award-operations-october9/.

VE8RAC – Gerry St Amand, VE8GER, will operate from his cabin near Inuvik in the Northwest Territories from October 1 until October 31.

VE9RAC – Jean-Paul Leblanc, VE9BK and Marcel Leblanc, VE9ML will be activating VE9RAC for the rest of the year. Andy McLellan, VE9DX, is also operating as VE9RAC on digital modes only.

VO1RAC – Boyd Snow, VO1DI, RAC NL Section Manager, has organized several RAC members across Newfoundland to activate VO1RAC for the remainder of the year. The operators and schedule are as follows: Carl Milley, VO1UL from October 1-7; Chris McGonigle, VO1TX, from October 8-14; Loren Butler, VO1OE, from October 15-21; George Hopkins,

VO1EGH, from October 22-28; Joe Earles, VO1BQ, from October 29 to November 4; Barry Harris, VO1NC, from November 5-11; Ross Trickett, VO1ROS, from November 12-18; Frank Davis, VO1HP, from November 19-25; Max Powell, VO1VR, from November 26 to December 2; Ken Tucker, VO1KVT, from December 3-9; Dave Parsons, VO1COD, from December 10-16; Chris Hillier, VO1IDX, from December 17-23; and Boyd Snow, VO1DI, from December 24-31.

VO2RAC – Nazaire Simon, VO2NS, from Labrador City and Chris Allingham, VE3FU/VO2AC, who will be operating a remote station in Goose Bay from Ontario, will be operating as VO2RAC for the rest of the year.

VY0RAC – Alex Tikhomirov, VE1RUS and Pierre Fogal, Pierre, VE3KTB, will operate in Eureka, Nunavut from October 17 to November 10. Mike Shouldice, VY0CF, will once again operate from November 10 to November 30.

VY1RAC – The VY1AAA Yukon CanAm Contest Club, operating at the station of VY1JA, will be activating VY1RAC for the rest of the year on CW and Digital modes, as time permits. Bob Melanson, VY1MB, is also operating the station.

The best way to keep tabs on the activations will probably be by watching the DX Cluster (e.g., dxsummit.fi).

We are hoping to get all of RAC stations on the air for the RAC Canada Winter Contest on December 30.

For more information on the RAC Canada 150 Award and how to volunteer

volunteer to activate a RAC station please visit http://wp.rac.ca/rac150/ and http://wp.rac.ca/volunteers-needed-to-activate-for-rac-can…/


Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director