[RAC-Bulletin] RAC Website may be Slow Depending on Browser

The Radio Amateurs of Canada have issued the following bulletin

It has been brought to our attention that depending on the platform you are using (mobile, tablet or desktop), the RAC website may be slow both in loading and in navigation if you are using Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browsers. 
If you are experiencing a slow response, we would appreciate it if you would please consider switching to the latest version of the Google Chrome browser as this seems to be the optimal browser for the RAC website.
Additional information:
The technical issues described above may be a result of recent changes to the WordPress website program that we use to create the RAC website. In late January 2019, WordPress changed to a new Gutenberg WordPress editor. We have taken steps to install the plugin to disable the Gutenberg editor, but unfortunately as core platform updates have progressed it has slowed the response time even more.  The Gutenberg WordPress editor is a new webpage builder that is being designed to integrate with the WordPress core. With Gutenberg, content is added in blocks of various types from the WordPress backend instead of PHP or HTML coding.
If you install the Chrome browser on your desktop, you will need to modify your Pop-up Blocker. To do this, click on the three dots at the top right corner of Google Chrome and then navigate to “Settings”, go to the “Privacy & Security” setting under the “Advanced” tab at the bottom of the screen, select “Content Settings”, and then go to “Pop-ups and redirects”. Go to “Allow” and then “Add” the URLs for the RAC website “www.rac.ca” and “wp.rac.ca”.
Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue. It may take some time to completely convert the website to block content coding.
Paul Burggraaf, VE3PRBRAC Assistant Webmaster