Radio Amateurs of Canada Awards Scholarships DEC 7th 2014

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the granting of three academic scholarships for 2014.

The individual recipients are Ms. Sonja Andersson, VA7SAA who is attending British Columbia Institute of Technology, Mr. Russell Walter, VA3WTR who is attending Sheridan College, Institute of Technology, and Mr. Brad Lane, VE9BML, who is attending the University of New Brunswick.
Each of these Amateurs will receive a $500 academic scholarship to assist their further studies in their chosen fields. In their applications each one stated how being an Amateur is a good match to their schooling and provides hands on ability to compliment their post secondary academic studies.
Look for more information on each of these recipients in an upcoming issue of TCA and the RAC Report.
We encourage you to advise other Amateurs who are in a Science, Technical, Engineering or Science (STEM) field of studies to consider applying. Full details and an application are available at Scholarships Canada. Here is the link:
RAC would like to thank all the Amateurs from across Canada who have generously contributed to this fund administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO) allowing us to give out these scholarships and grants. If you want to assist in this work please contact RAC HQ for more information on contributions to this or other funds administered by RAC or follow this link:
Another program to engage youth who want to explore Amateur Radio and associated technology is the RAC Youth Education Program (YEP) which is mandated to promote the use of amateur radio as an innovative tool to be used in schools, across all curricula. Money is available through the donations made to the YEP that would help schools or similar programs start this journey with youth into amateur radio. Schools, clubs and community groups are encouraged to find a way that they could use amateur radio to capture the attention of Canada’s youth and apply for monies available through this program. See for more details.

Brian Jackson VE6JBJ Bill Unger VE3XT

Operational Chair of the YEP North East Ontario Regional Director
Radio Amateurs of Canada Radio Amateurs of Canada

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