Salvation Army Net ( SATERN) Activates Sept 5 2017

The Salvation Army will activate their SATERN Net in response to Hurricane Irma

The SATERN Net will be activated this WednesdaySeptember 6th in the Delta II (extended monitoring) mode to listen for any traffic related to Hurricane Irma. This monitoring will continue through at least Saturday September 9th.

SATERN monitoring start each day at from 1400 UTC (7 am Pacific Time, 10 am Eastern Time) & continue to 2300 UTC (4 pm Pacific Time, 7 pm Eastern Time). Those wishing to continue monitoring after 2300 UTC are encourage to monitor the Hurricane Watch Net, the frequencies & hurricane related information can be found at:


Tuesday, 05 September 2017Because Hurricane Irma is not expected to begin affecting the Leeward Islands until later in the evening on Tuesday, 05 September    2017, SATERN operators are encouraged to begin monitoring either of the two Hurricane Watch Net frequencies on 14.325 MHz or 7.268 MHz, depending upon propagation for each station.

Wednesday, 06 September through Saturday, 09 September 2017

Beginning Wednesday, 06 September 2017, the International SATERN SSB Net will move to a Delta II (extended monitoring) status from 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z until 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z.  From 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z until 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z the next day, SATERN operators will again be encouraged to monitor either of the Hurricane Watch Net frequencies as conditions dictate.

This same schedule will continue through at least Saturday, 09    September 2017.  It is possible that this same schedule will be continued into the next week depending upon (a) the level of threat posed by Hurricane Irma, and (b) the needs of The Salvation Army.

Stations interested in signing up for a one or more one hour slot(s) from 1100 (CT) / 1600 Z until 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z to be either a Net Control Station or Assistant Net Control Station should contact Net Manager Ken Gilliland (AG6SV) at and Assistant Net Manager Bob Rogers (WA5EEZ) at .

Reporting Stations

Reporting stations will be asked to provide the Net Control Station with the following information:

1. Any emergency, priority or health & welfare messages that may come out of the impacted area(s)

2. A brief situation report from the stations’ location that includes:

a. Is there any hurricane wind damage?  If so, is it minor moderate or severe?

b. Is there any tornado damage?  If so, is it minor moderate or severe?

c. Is there any flood damage?  If so, is it minor moderate or severe?

d. Are there any power outages?  If so, how wide-spread?

e. Are there any communications disruptions?  If so, what kind and how wide-spread?

Hurricane Irma is a particularly dangerous storm which will bring category 4 winds and torrential rain to numerous Caribbean islands and very possibly somewhere in the U.S. mainland afterwards.