SATERN and Hurricane Watch Net Go Active Monday Sept 18 2017

Both the Hurricane Watch Net and the SATERN Net will activate on Monday Sept 18 2017 as Hurricane Jose is moving up the east coast of the United States and Hurricane Maria goes through the Caribbean .


The SATERN Operational Plan is

Monday, 18 September 2017:

All SATERN Operators are encouraged to MONITOR the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) on the two HWN frequencies on 14.325 MHz or 7.268 MHz, depending upon propagation for their location.  HWN will begin operations Monday, at 0700 (EDT) / 1100 UTC on 14.325 MHz as propagation allows. Update information for the Hurricane Watch Net can be found at:

Tuesday, 19 September through Friday, 22 September 2017:

Beginning Tuesday, 19 September 2017, the International SATERN SSB Net will move to a Delta II (extended monitoring) status from 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z until 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z.  From 1800 (CT) / 2300 Z until 0900 (CT) / 1400 Z the next day, SATERN operators will again be encouraged to monitor either of the Hurricane Watch Net frequencies as conditions dictate.

This same schedule will continue through at least Friday, 22    September 2017.  It is possible that this same schedule will be continued longer depending upon (a) the level of threat posed by Hurricane Maria, and (b) the needs of The Salvation Army.