SATERN Members Please read…

SATERN Members your input is needed with respect to the frequency change for your net.

Hello to all SATERN Members

On November 18, I asked for opinions on a possible change in SATERN’s 20 meter SSB frequency. So far, I have heard back from just 12 people & only 9 voice an opinion one way or the other. The SATERN net has operated in 14.312 MHz for over almost 2 weeks now, so you should have an idea how a higher frequency net might work.

If you have not voted & want to express your opinion (stay on 14.265 MHz or change to a frequency above 14.305 MHz), this is your last change to vote. Deadline for voting is December 11.

Reasons to staying of 14.265 MHz

1) SATERN has a tradition of being on 14.265 MHz & several hams look for the SATERN net there. This may be critical when SATERN is activated for an emergency. So those outside the U.S. that don’t normally check into SATERN, might be unaware of any change in our frequency.

Reasons to move to a higher frequency

1) 14.260 MHz seems to be an internationally recognized frequency for DX activity, especially for “Islands on the Air” (IOTH). These stations often work split, transmitting on 14.260 MHz & receiving on 14.265 MHz. So stations in the United States call on 14.265 MHz but are listening on 14.260 MHz & don’t realize they are interfering with SATERN on 14.265 MHz. In virtually all of these DX interference cases, the net control has been unable to contact the DX station & ask them if they would agree to move or stop operating split.

2) There are daily nets on 14.262 & 14.268 MHz. So when there is interference on 14.265 MHz, the SATERN Net Control doesn’t have a nearby frequency to switch to. We have been asked not to interfere with these other nets, so we cannot move just a few kHz up or down.

3) SATERN cannot operate below 14.225 MHz without preventing General & Advance class Amateur Radio operators from participating.

4) Generally, frequencies above 14.305 MHz are a bit less crowded, even on contest days.

73 Ken G,