SATERN Net To Change Frequency Starting Nov 15 2017.

The following is from the folks at Satern ( Salvation Army Team Radio Network)

Hello to all of SATERN members

There is an Island on the Air (IOTH) station, J5T, an Italian club operating from Guinea-Bissau (off the West coast of Africa). Their plan is to be on the air from November 13 through November 25. For the last couple days, they have been operation split, transmitting on 14.260 MHz & listening up 5 to 10 kHz (14.265 to 14.270 MHz). This has caused us lots of interference.

There is the Buckeye Net on 14.262 MHz (which starts at 1630 Zulu I believe) & the Ohana Net on 14.268 MHz (they say they start at 1630 Zulu but are often on much earlier). We have been asked to not interfere with these other existing nets, so moving a few kHz away from interference on 14.265 MHz isn’t a viable option.

So starting tomorrow (Wednesday November 15th) & for the next week or so (till after Thanksgiving weekend) SATERN 20 meter net will operate on or near 14.312 MHz.

John (N3HBX) please start the net on or near 14,312 kHz. I will make periodic announcements on 14,265 kHz that SATERN has temporally moved to 14,312 kHz so hopefully all members will find us.

Lets see how well this frequency change works. This may become a permanent change.

Good luck, Ken G