Surrey (BC) Amateur Radio Club January 2017 Newsletter is Out

The Surrey Amateur Radio Club (SARC) continues to improve their product. To make things easier for you I am including the entire email I received. Note the new edition of the ability to go back and look at old newsletter.   Congratulations to the editors contributors of the newsletter

Here is the link to the February 2017 SARC Communicator. As always, it’s in .PDF format and contains many ‘hot links’ to additional information on the Internet if you read it on your screen.  If you choose to print it, set your PDF reader print dialog box to ‘Fit page to margins’ so that it fits a letter size sheet, or you may lose the margins.

Click on the link below to read or download the newsletter.

Please note that we have set up an experimental media website that contains this and past Communicators, SARC photo albums and video links. Please download the Communicator from the following link: and leave us your feedback. This website is still under development so please be patient as we upload past media.

If this link does not work for you, the alternative location is