The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) HF and VHF Contest committees will no longer accept multioperator contest entries MARCH 2020

The requirement for physical distancing has now hit amateur radio contests. See the information from the ARL Letter

The ban, in accordance with UK social distancing policies, is in effect until the end of June and applies to all RSGB-sponsored contests. Single-operator entries from shared stations also will not be accepted, unless the station is being shared by family members at the same address. The HF Contest Committee has canceled the RSGB HF NFD (Field Day) for 2020, but is okaying portable operation by single operators, “because of the potential mental health benefits associated with engaging in hobbies, as well as the lack of person-to-person contact in normal single-operator contesting.” RSGB is encouraging all to follow UK government guidelines regarding social distancing and unnecessary travel and will decide in early June if the VHF NFD, the IOTA Contest, and SSB NFD events can go ahead as planned.