Winlink and Windows XP

This information is not new, but is sent as a general reminder to all Winlink users

Been mentioned many times since Microsoft stopped XP support, but just want to remind all once again.
After 12 years, support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014″ 

Winlink products are not developed nor future updates to be backwards compatible to XP. 

If your XP system works with the Winlink product you have today, OK
If the next update of a Winlink Product causes it not too, or odd issues are seen, you are on your own.
Yes there are many web sites that offer hacks to keep XP going, but again Winlink does not.

Of course you can always post a topic on the group and perhaps another XP user has a solution, that is great.

The software authors or other WDT members may have comments to add, but bottom line……. think about finding an upgrade.
As time moves forward the XP issue will become more and more problematic for those that continue to use it.