Alberta Fires…..UPDATED MAY 6 2016 2200 HRS..

Please keep the emergency frequencies clear while those in Alberta fight the fires. As always please make sure the frequency is not in use before you use it. Your cooperation is appreciated

UPDATED 4 MAY 2016;  The situation in Alberta is still critical. Please keep the emergency frequencies clear.

UPDATED 5 MAY 2016.  . Red Cross Family Reunification phone number 1.888.350.6070  EVACUEES ARE URGED to contact the Red Cross family reunification centre (1-888-350-6070) or the Municipality of Wood Buffalo ( to confirm that they are safe.

NOT A PLUG FOR WEST JET BUT  when a company steps up they need to be recognized.

Wildfire Update (May 6, 6:00 PM)
Let me begin by thanking, from the bottom of my heart, the thousands of Albertans and other Canadians who have come together to help address this disaster.
These have been days to see the work of real heroes: The firefighters who are struggling to contain this fire, and save as much of the city as possible; the police officers; the health professionals; the DND flyers and personnel; the workers who scrambled to turn work camps into reception centres; the good citizens who got out there to share water, food and fuel; the municipal administration led by Mayor Melissa Blake who led a remarkable response to a sudden disaster; and the incredibly dedicated and hardworking team of federal, provincial, municipal and NGO leaders right here at the Provincial Operations Centre in Edmonton.
Thank you to everyone who is helping these heroes address this disaster – and thank you to the brave, determined and neighborly people of Fort McMurray who responded so calmly and effectively to this crisis challenging your community. Alberta and all of Canada are with you. We have your back. And we are going to make sure you have the help you need — today, tomorrow, and in the weeks and months to come as we rebuild.
That’s how we do it in Alberta.


The fire continues to burn out of control.
Today the fire covers over 101,000 hectares. The wind is now expected to shift to the south west, and will push the fire to the north east, and that will send the fire into the forestry areas away from the community.
Firefighters have been working – bravely, effectively and in brutally long days and nights — to save the city of Fort McMurray. We have been fighting the fire using every tool available to firefighters.
A provincial fire ban is in effect across Alberta. All fire permits are suspended and no new fire permits will be issued” All open fires, including campfires and charcoal briquettes, are prohibited.
More than 1,200 firefighters, approximately 110 helicopters, 295 pieces of heavy equipment and more than 27 air tankers are fighting the fires across the province. Fort McMurray, Anzac, Gregoire Lake Estates and Fort McMurray First Nation remain under a mandatory evacuation order.
Albertans can call 310-4455 for information and stay up to date on the Alberta Emergency Alert and Alberta Wildfire apps.


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