The Ft Mc Murray Fire… one mans perspective

The following is a post from a ham who was literally in the thick of things during the initial phases of the massive fire.  There will no doubt be some who complain about what happened; hind sight is always 20 20, but I think this post attests what many did when things needed to get done. At times THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Working with the logistics & infrastructure teams of the Regional Emergency Operation Center I have seen this disaster onfold from a unique vantage point. The Heroes of Fort McMurray are the RCMP, Bylaw Officers, Peace Officers, ESS and the Firefighters. Their work to ensure the preservation of life will never be forgotten by me, or the citizens of Canada.

Our Heroes are being led by an amazing leader, Darby Allen. I have watched, and listened, to this man conduct the operations for the last three days. I wish you could see how he brings out the best of those around him.

Darby deserves Canada’s highest order, the Order of Merit. Please share this and ask your MP to push for this nomination. The Queen will be proud to gift this merit to this amazing man from Birmingham.

The continuing battle against the fire, and it’s desire to consume Wood Buffalo, is surreal. The deck is stacked against the men and women fighting for the region. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated. Please contact the Red Cross or volunteer at the many reception centres that have opened their arms to the 88,000 displaced Fort McMurrians.

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