China earthquake – update

A day after a strong earthquake hit southwest China’s Sichuan province, the death toll stood at least 156, with many more injured and without homes.

Fan Bin BA1RB reported that it was a 7.0 magnitude quake in Ya’an city, Sichuan province with its epicentre near Lushan County.

The Sichuan amateur radio association took immediate action withBD8DX and BD8AAA leading a team heading to the disaster area providing emergency communication services.

A request is made to keep the HF frequencies of 3855kHz, 7050kHz and 14270kHz clear for disaster traffic.QQ

For more information go to http://www.southgatearc.org

As of 0415 PDT, 1115 UTC  April 21,2013  HF frequencies remain in use.  Nearly 200 dead and 7,000 injured..


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the bombings in Boston today, April 15th 2013. Special thoughts to those ham radio operators who were helping at the race. May you all have a speedy and complete recovery

RAC Section Managers reaffirm support of NTS* 2013-03-20

Section Managers representing all RAC Sections coast to coast
concluded discussions recently regarding NTS (National Traffic
System), and they confirmed ongoing support of NTS encouraging
operators to continue to support NTS by passing traffic on a regular
basis. NTS digital and Win link 2000 is the preferred system for ARES
Units to remain interoperable and functional in a digital world and
operators who have digital capability are encouraged to keep the
system busy.

Doug Mercer VO1DTM/VO1DM CEC
Radio Amateurs of Canada – Chief Field Services Officier

RAC Completes First Phase of Review of Amateur Radio Exam Questions

In December of 2012 Industry Canada put out a Request For Proposals
(RFP) to update the amateur radio question bank. RAC responded and
subsequently entered into a contract with Industry Canada
in January 2013 to update the amateur radio question bank. RAQI was engaged by
RAC to collaborate on the French language Continue reading “RAC Completes First Phase of Review of Amateur Radio Exam Questions”


This year the shakeout exercise will be held October 17th. ARES units should mark this date on their calendars and if at all possible participate. Lets see if we can break last years record number of ham radio participants.  Don’t forget to register.  For full details go to